Game changed without any information
  • I do not understand the reason that ADMINdid not inform us regarding the main changes of the game... Different calculation of territories earned money, differeny prices of weapon,clothrs etc

  • Hi,

    sorry for late response, but we ware quite busy lately.
    So, the case is that we are in beta stage, which means that we will still make a changes in game to calibrate it before realese of finall version. Therefore, you can expect that some things will still change in it for next one-two month, for example at the end of january we plan to change the game layout.
    However, you are totaly right that we should announce changes before introducing them. Thus, since now we will notify players about changes through buzz, before realese.
    Thank you very much for your advices and staying with Hools.

    Hools Team
  • Thank You for your response & Happy New Year!!

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